Money should not be an obstacle when you need to hire an attorney

Get Financing for your Attorney’s Fees

Harbinger Capital Group, LLC believes that every person has the right to legal representation regardless of their financial situation or the nature of their case.

Law Firm clients stressing over legal fees should be their last concern when dealing with legal issues. With Harbinger Capital Group, LLC legal fee financing option, Law Firm clients can hire the attorney they need, without having to worry about hiring one their budget can afford.

Harbinger Capital Group, LLC offers easy and affordable legal fee financing options even if the consumer has less than perfect credit, with low monthly payments and very competitive interest rates. Plus, we fund the attorney directly so the client does not have to worry about a thing.

Harbinger Capital Group, LLC understands that hiring the right attorney is important but also understands just how expensive hiring a qualified attorney can be.

Harbinger Capital Group, LLC has come up with a solution to this problem by offering legal fee financing with very competitive interest rates and low monthly payments.

How Does Harbinger Capital Group, LLC Legal Fee Financing Work?

  1. Harbinger Capital Group, LLC is in the business of helping people afford an attorney and get the representation that they need.
  2. The monthly payment amount is based on the consumer’s income: not their credit history or debt-to-income ratio.
  3. Depending on their affordability, we offer a customized affordable payment plan that fits their budget.
  4. Fixed Low monthly payments with interest rates starting as low as 1.2%

Consumers that need a lawyer, also need Legal Fee Financing.

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