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Business Financing
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Funding the Pace of Business

A Short Term Business Loan is a straight-forward product from which to borrow money — very much like a traditional loan. Loans can be funded within 3-5 days from completing an application and generally is due in less than 18 months.

Funding with Benefits

Because this is a Business Loan, versus a Merchant Cash Advance, interst rates are usually lower, maybe a tax deductible expense, and when paid on time, could improve the business’s overall credit rating.

Support Every Step of the Way

From completing your application to receiving your funds, we’ll be there to assist you. If you have any questions, our Customer Support team is available to help. We are dedicated to ensuring that your business operations are a success.

Why Would a Business Seek a Short Term Business Loan?

The business requires a reasonable amount of money for covering shortfalls in cash flow or expenses

The business needs to purchase inventory during a slower than expected seasonal sales sales cycle (Dry spell)

There is a surge in business and more staff, equipment or new location are needed. Such expenses can cut into cash flow.